To be eligible for services through the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities, one must:


  1. Be a resident of Union County
  2. Have a qualifying diagnosis that manifested prior to age 22
  3. Exhibit significant limitations in at least three life activity areas:
    1. Self-Care - the ability to independently complete skills such as hygiene, eating, and dressing
    2. Learning - the ability to tell time, count money, and comprehend basic written material
    3. Mobility - the ability to move safely in the home and community
    4. Self-Direction - independent problem-solving, decision-making, and assertiveness
    5. Capacity for Independent Living - the ability to independently prepare food, respond to emergencies, and access community resources
    6. Communication - the ability to answer questions and express wants and needs
    7. Economic Self Sufficiency - the ability to understand work expectations, and obtain and maintain community employment

For more information about eligibility, or to start the intake process, please contact:


Laura Ledley

Intake and Referral Specialist

(937) 645-6792



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