HIPAA HC-1 - HC 37 & Appendices

Union County Board of Disabilities
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Policies


HC-1 Definitions

HC-2 General

HC-3 Minimum Necessary

HC-4 Confidentiality Safeguards

HC-5 Sharing Information

HC-6 Authorizations

HC-7 Minors, Personal Reps & Deceased Individuals

HC-8 Duty to Report Violations and Security Incidents

HC-9 Disclosures that Do Require an Authorization

HC-10 Individual's Right to Access Records

HC-11 Individual's Right to Request Amendment to Records

HC-12 Individual's Right to Receive an Accounting of Disclosures

HC-13 Individual's Right to Request Additional Restrictions

HC-14 Individual's Right to Request Confidential Communication

HC-15 Individual's Rights to Notice of Privacy Policies

HC-16 Confidentiality Policy for Supervisors-Business Associate Contracts

HC-17 Notice of Privacy Practices

HC-18 Non-intimidation and Nonretaliation

HC-19 HIPAA Assignments and Documentation

HC-20 Privacy Complaints

HC-21 Policy Updating and Staff Training

HC-22 Policies for Executive Management & HIPAA Privacy/Security Officer

HC-23 Data Backup

HC-24 Disaster Recovery Plan and Emergency Mode Operation

HC-25 Facility Security and Access Control

HC-26 Annual Security Evaluation

HC-27 Audit Control and Activity Review

HC-28 Malicious Software Protection

HC-29 Breach Reporting

HC-30 Security Awareness Program

HC-31 Device and Media Disposal and Re-Use

HC-32 Technical Safeguards

HC-33 Mitigation

HC-34 Electronic Signatures

HC-35 Security Policies for HR Staff and Supervisors

HC-36 HIPAA Administrative Requirements Security Policies for all Staff—Computer Usage

HC-37 HIPAA Administrative Requirements Security Policies for all Staff-Social Media

HC-38 HIPAA Administrative Requirements Security for all Staff-Portable Computing Device

HC-39 Administrative Requirements Security Policies for all Staff-Security Incident Response and Reporting

Appendix A - Minimum Necessary

Appendix B - Procedures for Routine Disclosure and Requests of PHI

Appendix C - UCBDD Disclosure Log


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