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If your child becomes ill or injured at school, you will be notified.  We will attempt to reach you through the emergency medical information you have provided us on the Emergency Medical Form.  Please make sure you have obtained permission from your emergency contact to use them should the need arise.

Children with any of the following signs or symptoms of illness need to be isolated until the parent arrives to pick them up:

  • A fever of 100°or above
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Vomiting
  •  Untreated, infected skin rashes
  •  Evidence of lice will be dealt with on an individual basis with collaboration from the program nurse or designee and the individual’s family/guardian
  •  Severe coughing
  •  Difficult or rapid breathing
  •  Redness, swelling and/or any eye drainage
  •  Sore/red throat or difficulty in swallowing
  • Any other illness or injury, or medical condition requiring medical attention, or contagious diseases or illness, which warrants exclusion by the Ohio Department of Health. 

A child with signs or symptoms of illness shall be immediately isolated from other children.  Decisions regarding whether the child should be discharged immediately or at some time during his/her program shall be determined by the program nurse, or designee and the parent/guardian.  The child, while isolated at the program, shall be monitored until the parent or guardian arrives.

A child isolated due to suspected communicable disease shall be:

  • cared for in a room or portion of a room not being used for programming;
  • within sight and hearing of an adult at all times; no child shall ever be left alone or unsupervised;
  • made comfortable and provided with a cot; all linens and blankets used by the ill child shall be laundered before further use and the cot shall be disinfected with an appropriate germicidal;
  • observed carefully for worsening condition; and
  • discharged to parent, guardian or designee.

Children who have any communicable disease or condition as recommended by the Ohio Department of Health, must be kept home.  Please notify the school of the illness of your child, especially when contagious, so that other parents may be notified accordingly. Children  who have been hospitalized must submit a doctor’s release when returning to school.


After an illness, a child may be readmitted to the program:                     

  • 24 hours after temperature has returned to normal without the use of fever reducing medications;
  • if illness was not accompanied by fever, 24 hours after all symptoms have disappeared;
  • if an antibiotic is prescribed the individual must be on the antibiotic for at least 24 hours;
  • remember, upon any return to school, a written note must accompany your child as to the reason for the absence.

If your child needs medical attention and attempts to reach you fail, your instructions on the Emergency Medical Form will be followed.



Prescribed and over-the-counter medications should be given at home whenever possible.  In order to administer medication or medical procedures to your child, parents/guardians must complete an Authorization to Administer Medication/Medical Procedures form which MUST be signed by the PRESCRIBING PHYSICIAN. The medication MUST be sent in the original prescription bottle, indicating the child’s name, medication name and dosage, time to be given and physician’s name.  If your child’s medication changes, a new physician’s order is required.  All medication order forms must be re-signed by the physician annually.  These conditions are mandated by law.  A daily record is kept of all dispensing of medication or any medical procedure.  All medication is stored in a locked container.  A supply of medication should be provided on the first day of programming.


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