Ages Birth up to a Child’s Third Birthday

Contact Bright Beginnings at 1-800-755-4769 for information on intake and eligibility for Help Me Grow. For online referral, click on the "Refer Now" link.
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Age Three up to a Child’s Sixth Birthday

Eligibility is based off of a child’s eligibility for special education for their specific school district. For additional information, contact your school district. A copy of the child’s ETR should be provided to Laura Ledley, Intake and Referral Specialist.

If you’re interested in preschool services please check out the Harold Lewis Center.

Ages Six through Adulthood

To be eligible to receive services from the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities, an individual must be a resident of Union County and must meet Ohio’s definition of developmental disabilities as defined in the Ohio Revised Code section 5123:2-1-02 (C). Qualifying disabilities come in many different forms. Some examples include: Down’s syndrome, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, and Muscular Dystrophy.
An individual must have a qualifying diagnosis that manifested prior to age 22 and exhibit significant limitations in at least three life activity areas:
  • Self-Care - the ability to independently complete skills such as hygiene, eating, and dressing
  • Learning - the ability to tell time, count money, and comprehend basic written material
  • Mobility - the ability to move safely in the home and community
  • Self-Direction - independent problem-solving, decision-making, and assertiveness
  • Capacity for Independent Living - the ability to independently prepare food, respond to emergencies, and access community resources
  • Communication - the ability to answer questions and express wants and needs
  • Economic Self Sufficiency - the ability to understand work expectations, and obtain and maintain community employment
For more information about eligibility, or to start the intake process for ages six and above, please contact:
Laura Ledley
Intake and Referral Specialist
(937) 537-7766