Transitioning from Early Intervention

Early Intervention Services are provided until a child's 3rd birthday.  Prior to a child turning 3, the team will develop a transition plan for the child to be served.  Transition planning begins approximately 6 months prior to the child's 3rd birthday.  The family's Service Coordinator will work with the family to create a transition plan that best supports their child.

Some children enrolled in the Early Intervention program will continue to require therapy services after turning 3 years old.  Therefore, all children enrolled in the Early Intervention program will be offered a formal transition meeting.  All families will have the opportunity to have a representative from their school district present at the transition meeting if preferred.  

Some children that continue to have a documented developmental delay at age 3 years old will have a multi-factored developmental evaluation through their local school district to determine if they are eligible for Specialized Preschool services such as Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, or Speech therapy.