The Union County Board of DD offers nursing consultation to all individuals and their team to enable the individual to live, learn, work, and play safely in the community. This is done by collaborating with individuals, families/guardians/caregivers and other community agencies who support them.

Specific assistance the nurse can provide:

  • Provide resources, information, and guidance on implementation of Medication Administration rules and regulations set forth by the Ohio Department of DD
  • Provide resources about where Medication Administration Certification can be obtained
  • Consult with individuals and their team on ways to meet the health needs of the individual (including pharmacy vendors, options for packaging of medications, medical provider information, and options home health nursing agencies)
  • Provide individuals and their team information on medications, medical conditions, and possible interventions for those medical conditions
  • Track medical information, medical appointments, and medical testing to help ensure the health needs of the individual are being met
  • Assist providers with development of a Plan of Correction, if required, after completion of the Nursing QA Review
  • Provide CPR/FA initial and renewal certification through American Red Cross
  • Provide initial (14 hour) Medication Administration Certification class through the Ohio Department of DD and 2 hour CEU training that is required annually to maintain Medication Administration Certification


Michelle Farley, RN BSN
Nurse - Support Services
Phone: (937) 537-7639
Fax: (937) 644-0973