Waiver providers to run utilization reports:

Instructions for PAWS Utilization Report


In response to concerns from individuals/families, providers, and county boards regarding the impact of lapsed certifications on service delivery, DODD has developed the process below.  Please note, a certification span may only be extended when submitted in accordance with the timeframes specified below.

·        Certification spans may only be extended for providers who submit renewal applications and have requested a report from BCI at least 45 days in advance of their expiration date.

·         If a reviewer requests additional documentation upon review and the applicant’s certification may expire before the review is completed, the reviewer may extend the certification span upon request of the applicant.

o    Example:  A provider expires 10/1/16

o    Renewal application is submitted on 8/10/16.

o    The application is reviewed on 9/9/16 and additional information is required. 

o    The provider has 30 days to comply with this request and the reviewer has an additional 30 days to review upon resubmission.  As a result, the existing certification may be extended in order to allow the provider to continue to provide services and submit claims pending completion of the renewal.

·         Requests for extensions may be submitted to Kat Ingles at, Jovon Loveless, or Jared Mutchler

All providers are encouraged to request a BCI report at least 90 days prior to expiration and to submit renewal applications as close to 90 days in advance, as possible.  In addition, providers are encouraged to double-check all documents prior to submitting to DODD for review to verify they are legible (clear, not too dark, etc.) and that all required items are included.  Doing so will ensure the review will be completed prior to expiration.  Providers needing assistance with submitting an application should contact DODD’s Support Center at 1-800-617-6733. 

DODD is dedicated to improving the efficiency of the certification process.  To that end, we are also

·         Creating new tools/resources to guide providers through the initial and renewal certification processes;

·         Increasing staffing within our certification unit;

·         Providing a webinar to share tips about submitting a complete application; and

·         Conducting focus groups with providers and individuals/families regarding the certification process to inform the design of the new certification system being developed.

Please feel free to contact Kat Ingles, Josh Anderson, or me with questions.



If you are a certified provider, these changes affect you directly.  If you represent an organization, please forward these materials to your members and constituents.  Questions should be directed to the Department’s Support Center at 1-800-617-6733.


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