Major Unusual Incidents

Summary of Rule Changes and Reporting Procedures

What is a Major Unusual Incident?


A Major Unusual Incident (MUI) is the name for an alleged, suspected, or actual occurrence that could place the health and welfare of an individual with a developmental disability at risk.


Incidents such as abuse, exploitation, misappropriation, neglect, and injuries should be reported by family, friends, staff, medical providers, and the general public.

Why are MUI's Reported?


MUI's are reported to ensure the health and welfare of the individuals served by the Union County Board of DD. The best way to prevent harm to individuals is to identify the reasons why unhealthy, unsafe, or risky events occur. Steps can be taken to prevent similar incidents.

Who is Mandated by Law to Report MUI's?


The Ohio Department of DD mandates that the County Board's MUI Investigative Agent looks into all MUI's in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.


Mandatory reporters are:

  • Anyone providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities
  • All County Board and Ohio Department of DD employees
  • Anyone paid to provide Medicaid waiver services

To report abuse and neglect, please contact one of the following:


Cherie Knight, Lead Investigative Agent

(937) 645-6716


Christina Cooper, Investigative Agent

(937) 645-6738



MUI Hotline Numbers

To report an incident, please call:


During business hours (8am-4pm): 937-645-6745

After Business Hours: 937-594-1122 (Support Services Emergency Line)

Ohio Department of DD MUI Hotline: 1-866-313-6733

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