Autism Diagnosis Education Project (ADEP) is intended to increase early and timely access to a standardized, comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for children with concerns in language and social development, including ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  Specifically, the goal of ADEP is to offer a process and a structure that enables parents to obtain a timely diagnosis for their child so that the child can receive early intervention and obtain supports and services, as needed.

In 2012 Union County joined this project and partnered with Dr. Justin Krueger in order to be able to evaluate children for Autism Spectrum Disorder.  When a child is evaluated for Autism they will receive a comprehensive evaluation which includes the following:

  • A comprehensive developmental evaluation
  • A review of health, behavioral, and developmental histories
  • A physical examination by Dr. Krueger
  • Lab work, if necessary
  • Determination of a diagnosis (including the use of standardized tools) needed for early intervention services
  • Assessment of the family's knowledge of ASD, challenges, coping skills, and resources/supports

This entire process happens locally.  If your child is currently enrolled in the Early Intervention Program please contact your Primary Service Provider in order to make a referral for the ADEP program.

If your child is not currently enrolled into the program please call 740-852-7189 to make a referral for the Early Intervention Program.  Once your child has been referred to the Early Intervention Program, and a Service Coordinator is assigned your child can be referred for the ADEP program.

For more information, please see the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence's website at:

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