P.L.A.Y. stands for Play and Language in Autistic Youngsters, and was developed by Dr. Richard Solomon.  PLAY project is an evidenced-based parent-mediated autism intervention model that is provided in the home, with Parent participation.  During home visits, the PLAY Project Home Consultant/Primary Service Provider provides services to both the child and parents/caregivers.  Parents/caregivers learn techniques and activities so they can support their child's social-emotional growth during everyday activities.  This approach empowers parents and providers more opportunities throughout a child's day to practice new skills.  The principles, methods and techniques of the PLAY Project emphasize following the child's lead as a means for improving social impairment, a core deficit of autism spectrum disorder.  PLAY project Home Consultants/Primary Service Providers coach parents to build a joyous, engaged relationship with their child with autism spectrum disorder.  

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