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      Photo of Cherie Hayes, Lead Investigative Agent                                                                    

    Cherie Knight                                                    
    Lead Investigative Agent                               


    Photo of Christina Cooper, Investigative Agent

    Christina Cooper
    Investigative Agent 



The duties of the Investigative Agents (IAs) include investigating incidents that adversely affect the health and welfare of the individuals receiving services from the the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities.


The rules that govern the investigation process are found in the Ohio Administrative Code.

OAC 5123:2-17-02:  Addressing Major Unusual and Unusual Incidents


Reporting Guidelines

Unusual Incidents:  Send by 3 p.m. the next business day


Fax:  937-642-8427


MUI Hotline

Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) Hotline for verbal notifications (within 4 hours):
Between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. - 937-645-6745
After hours - 937-594-1122


Reporting Forms     

Below are the online fillable forms to report MUIs, UIs, Unscheduled Hospitalizations, Unapproved Behavior Support, and Law Enforcement Reporting.  

Unusual and Major Unusual Incident Reporting Form

Forms to be completed AFTER the Unusual and Major Incident Reporting Form has been filed are below.

Unscheduled Hospitalization Reporting Form

Unapproved Behavior Support Form

Law Enforcement Reporting Form

Unusual Incident Report Log

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