Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities to End Partnership with World Of Wonders Day Care


Contact: Kara Brown, Superintendent
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Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities to End Partnership with World Of Wonders Day Care

The day care facility has until April 1, 2021 to vacate the building owned by Union County.

MARYSVILLE, OHIO – (Nov. 17, 2020) The Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities (UCBDD) recently reached a decision to end a long-standing relationship with World Of Wonders Day Care (WOW). The two entities have shared space in UCBDD’s Marysville facility since 1997, necessitating an ongoing series of often challenging contractual agreements. The decision comes after UCBDD recently granted WOW a final extension on their occupancy agreement until April 1, 2021.

The original intent of the partnership was to create an early childhood center in which children with disabilities would interact with children without disabilities. However, strains in the relationship often impeded this vision. A 2017 court mediation centered around UCBDD’s desire to end the shared space and services agreement, citing the need for additional space due to growth. As a part of the mediation agreement, WOW was to vacate the UCBDD building by September 2020. Additionally, UCBDD agreed to pay WOW a lump sum to help finance renovations at the Union County Family YMCA (YMCA) to house their new facility. The YMCA also agreed to pay for a portion of the project, creating the necessary components needed to construct a suitable facility for WOW on its property.

“Of course, we want the best for WOW and the children whom they serve, but due to recent health and safety concerns, spacing needs and our current economic constraints, we can no longer continue to subsidize WOW’s rent-free use of our facility,” said UCBDD Superintendent Kara Brown. “We feel that we have been very flexible with WOW’s needs and are simply asking for them to uphold the agreement that was signed into place a number of years ago. We were very hopeful that the agreement they established with the YMCA would work out. Unfortunately, that may not be the case, but that is beyond UCBDD’s control.”

The Union County Family YMCA recently announced it will no longer be able to honor its agreement with WOW. YMCA leadership has indicated that, due to COVID-19 related financial constraints, it will not be able to complete phase three of construction because it does not have the funds to move forward. The project would have included an infant-care area for WOW in the YMCA building. Unfortunately, construction estimates have increased more than $200,000 since the original deal was signed.

“While we fully understand and sympathize with the difficult position that WOW and the YMCA find themselves in, UCBDD has nothing to do with the renovation or construction at the YMCA,” said Superintendent Brown. “We have to focus on our mission to provide high-quality services and supports to all eligible individuals in Union County, regardless of age. We have to be responsible fiscal stewards of taxpayer money and do what is best for the individuals we serve.”

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