At the Harold Lewis Center Preschool, each child will be provided with an educational program which directly relates to the child's abilities and area(s) of need, the child's family issues and concerns, and the child's chronological age. The staff at the Harold Lewis Center believes that all children can learn. Regardless of the strengths, weaknesses and abilities each child brings with them, they will, indeed, learn. Our goal is to enable all children to be successful. We work hard to create an environment where all children feel like they belong. 

Harold Lewis Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Harold Lewis Center and its staff is to improve the quality of life for our children and families by providing a broad range of services including developmentally appropriate instruction, in a safe and nurturing environment, using a collaborative team approach and incorporating best practice standards.

Core Values

  • Commitment to quality, family driven programs and supports.
  • The focus of the Center and staff is always the children.
  • Commitment to create a safe, nurturing environment for the children.
  • A broad range of service options needs to be available to families to ensure that personal needs are satisfactorily met.
  • Families are the primary decision makers in the lives of their child and their choices will be respected.
  • Daily, face to face communication among the staff.
  • Promote shared goals and work cooperatively with all service providers.
  • Foster an environment that is open to new ideas, supportive and provides opportunity for professional growth.
  • Develop accountability and responsiveness to those we serve and to each other.

Harold Lewis Center Contacts

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Debbie Osbun

    Debbie Osbun 

    Preschool Principal
  • Photo of Sue LaMendola

    Sue LaMendola 

    Children Services Director
  • Photo of Arlene Porter

    Arlene Porter 

    Preschool Operations Coordinator