Provider Training

Schedule of American RedCross Adult and Pediatric CPR/FA/AED 2022-2023
Location:  UCBDD Campus – Harold Lewis Center
                 1280 Charles Lane Marysville, OH 43040
Cost:  $36.00/person.  Classes are payable by check or money order payable to “UCBDD” due on day of class.  Cash is accepted but only in exact amount – Instructor has no change available)
For initial classes:  There is a short 10 – 15min break between CPR session and FA session.  Feel free to bring snacks/drinks.
How to register:  contact Michelle Farley, BSN RN at 937-537-7639 or

Agencies can only secure 2 spots/class. 
For the 14 hour category 1 class:  participants will be given a lunch break each day.  There are microwave ovens and refrigerators available. There are no vending machines.  There needs to be at least 3 people signed up and show up for the class to be held. 
For agency providers:  the only annual skill check that will be completed at re-certification training is the administration of oral medications.  Any other annual skill checks that need to be completed are the responsibility of the employer. 
***Attendees to this class MUST be on time.  Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late to any class, will be turned away.

Training Requirements


Training Requirements can be found in the Appendices for Rule 5123-9-09 (Independent Provider Certification)
Annual Training is tracked by calendar year.  Meaning a Provider can complete their training anytime between January 1 and December 31 each year.
Department provided curriculum can be found through DODD MyLearning
You must have a full 8 hours of training annually (2 hours of Department/DODD provided training, and the 6 additional hours that can be a combination of DODD materials and other training). The six hours of training required annually are in topics selected by the Provider.  This means you must find training(s) that are applicable to the services you provide and/or individuals you serve.  DODD does offer some supplementary training materials that can count toward those additional 6 hours but to be in compliance,
Further clarification regarding training requirements can be found here:
UCBDD offers CPR/FA training regularly and may also offer other training topics.  The training schedule can be found in the Monthly Independent newsletter or the UCBDD webpage
Your CPR/First Aid certification must ALWAYS be current
All Independent Providers are required to have the following annual training (unless noted as exempt below):
  • Two (2) hours of training provided by the Department or by an entity using Department-provided curriculum in topics relevant to the independent provider’s duties including:
    • Empathy-based care
    • “National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals” code of ethics
    • Rights of individuals set forth in section 5123.62 of the Revised Code
  • Six (6) hours of training in topics selected by the independent provider from the following list that are relevant to the services provided and individuals served by the independent provider:
    • Components of quality care (Examples include but are not limited to interpersonal relationships and trust, cultural competency, effective communication, person-centered philosophy, planning, and practice; implementing individual service plans; trauma informed care; empathy-based care)
    • Health and safety (Examples include but are not limited to signs and symptoms of illness or injury and procedure for response, transportation safety)
    • Positive behavioral support (Examples include but are not limited to creative a positive culture, general requirements for intervention and behavioral support strategies and role of independent provider including documentation, crisis intervention techniques
There may be additional training requirements depending on the service you are providing.  Those requirements can be found within the rule for the specific service.
    • Rule 5123-17-02 of the Administrative Code (MUI Rule) including a review of health and welfare alerts issued by the Department since previous year’s training
REMEMBER: If you are certified in a service, you must meet the annual training requirements even if you are not actively providing the service!