CPR / First Aid New Certification and Medication Certification

Providers must hold a current certification in CPR and First Aid and not expire. 

CPR Certification must be a valid American Red Cross certification. In-person training is required, no online classes accepted.

Classes are offered at UCBDD for $30.00 for refresher and $30.00 for new certifictions. You have the optoins to purchase a disposale resuscitation kit for an additional $3.00. 

Beginning January 2020, when staff attend a  category 1 medication administration recertification class sponsored by UCBDD, the only annual skill checks that will be done at this class will be an oral medication pass and general steps of medication administration. 

As a reminder, successfully renewing a category 1 medication administration certificate is dependent on the staff member completing 2 hours CEU training AND completing annual skill checks for ALL routes of medication being administered and ALL health related activities being performed at all locations the staff member works.  Per rule, the employer is responsible for ensuring all annual skill checks are completed but if there is a nurse delegating something then the delegating nurse is responsible for completing the annual skill check. 

The employer is responsible for keeping documentation that the annual skill checks were completed – I have attached a document that DODD put out that may help you with documenting these skill checks.  
I will complete any/all required annual skill checks with independent providers. 

See the schedule for class dates and times. 

You can schedule these with Michelle Farley at 937-645-6753 or mfarley@ucbdd.org.   Or you can find an American Red Cross CPR training near you. 

Training Requirements

Each provider must have 8 hours of training in 5 specific topics PRIOR to application to DODD. DODD is offering the required initial eight-hour training for new direct service providers (DSPs) as a free online course - The first box - Direct Service Provider Training.  Take the initial eight-hour provider training for free. Individual certificates can also count toward provider renewal training or be used to gain CPD units.