Provider Training

CPR and First Aid Training

Location: UCBDD Support Services Building (enter through middle door)
16900 Square Dr. Marysville, OH 43040

Cost: $35.00 
Classes are payable by check or money order payable to “UCBDD” due on day of class. Cash is accepted but only in exact amount – Instructor has no change available)

For initial classes: There is a short 10 – 15min break between CPR session and FA session. Feel free to bring snacks/drinks.

How to register:  contact Michelle Farley, BSN RN at 937-537-7639 or
NOTE:  You must bring and wear a mask to this class.  You will be able to remove your mask when completing CPR skills.  You will have your temperature taken before entering the building.  If your temperature is 100.0 degrees or above, you will not be allowed to participate in the class. You will complete a brief health assessment before entering the building. If you are sick please reschedule your class.

Medication Administration

Participants MUST bring a mask and wear it during all classes.

Class size is limited to 5 participants. Agencies can only secure 2 spots/class due to limiting of class sizes.

For the 14 hour category 1 class: participants will be given a lunch break each day. There are microwave ovens and refrigerators available. There are no vending machines.  

As a reminder, successfully renewing a category 1 medication administration certificate is dependent on the staff member completing 2 hours CEU training AND completing annual skill checks for ALL routes of medication being administered and ALL health related activities being performed at all locations the staff member works.  Per rule, the employer is responsible for ensuring all annual skill checks are completed but if there is a nurse delegating something then the delegating nurse is responsible for completing the annual skill check. 

The employer is responsible for keeping documentation that the annual skill checks were completed – I have attached a document that DODD put out that may help you with documenting these skill checks.  
Michelle Farley will complete any/all required annual skill checks with independent providers. 

See the schedule for class dates and times. 

You can schedule these with Michelle Farley at 937-537-7639 or   Or you can find an American Red Cross CPR training near you. 

Training Requirements

Each provider must have 8 hours of training in 5 specific topics PRIOR to application to DODD.

DODD is offering the required initial eight-hour training for new direct service providers (DSPs) as a free online course  


EVV One-on-One Training

ODM has been and continues to offer Provider 1:1 sessions with an EVV Trainer to assist providers. Schedule a one-on-one session.
  • Sessions are booked through an online calendar where a provider can see what dates/times are available and sign up for what works best for them.
  • Sessions are 30 minutes long, and if more time is needed it can be scheduled.
  • The EVV Trainer will review the provider’s EVV account before the session so that they can provide personalized help.